Mobile Phone Activation Instructions

Select your carrier from the list below to setup your phone for VoiceCloud.


Custom Greeting

To record your custom greeting, dial 1-619-694-4949, then press * to access the main menu. You will be prompted to enter your PIN, you can find this on the settings page under "passwords". After entering your pin (then press #), press 2 and follow the prompts to record your custom greeting.

Read Your First Voicemail:
Simply give yourself a call to test out your next generation voicemail



SMS/Text Settings

To enable SMS texting or change your delivery options Go To Settings and select "Delivery Options"


Online Interface

To access your VoiceCloud account online, log in from the homepage and click on Go To My Account


Voicemail Dial In

You can still dial in the old fashioned way to listen to messages, just call 1-619-684-6833 and press * when you hear the greeting followed by your PIN number then the # key. Press 1 to listen to messages.


iPhone Interface

Access VoiceCloud on your iPhone by going to